WE WORK WITH ALL INSURANCE COMPANIES. We are one of the leading auto repair shops serving customers in Sacramento area. Our qualified team performs all auto collision services.
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  • We know how to handle a wide range of car services
  • We prioritize your convenience for auto repair and maintenance
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DNJ offer various services to help you get back on the road


Rest assured that DNJ Auto Body Shop technicians will deliver a comprehensive estimate to fully restore your car to its pre-accident condition.



We provide insurance deductible assistance of up to $1,500 and offer an outstanding discount of up to 60% on our services for those without insurance.

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

We stand by our work with a lifetime warranty for any job performed on your vehicle.

 FREE Towing Services

FREE Towing Services

We offer complimentary towing services for customers in need of collision repair.


DNJ Auto Body Repair Shop

Best friend for you and your car!

Accidents happen, but at DNJ Auto Body Shop, we're here to make the repair process as smooth and as efficient as possible. We offer flawless auto body repair with high-quality materials, ensuring that your car is restored to its original condition in the shortest period. Whether it's a serious problem or a tiny scratch, we treat each issue with the same care and attention to detail, giving you peace of mind.

Looking for professional service and low prices?  DNJ is the answer to all your problems. For years, we have provided a wide variety of services to our customers. We constantly develop and improve our services and offer new ones to make your experience with us smooth and easy.

DNJ Auto Body Shop services all makes and models, both foreign and domestic vehicles. All our technicians are I-Car trained and PPG certified. We want to provide you with the excellent service and experience possible. We will take into consideration all your needs and wishes and restore your car to pre-accident condition. Please take a closer look at the list of services offered by us. Our services include but are not limited with. Our services include but are not limited with;

Major Collision Repair

In the event of a major accident, DNJ is fully equipped with cutting-edge technology to provide top-notch major collision repair services. Your safety is our main concern following a major collision, as we understand the potential risks associated with accidents. We conduct a full inspection before initiating the repair process to ensure every aspect is thoroughly assessed. After receiving your approval to proceed, we will quickly start all necessary repairs.

Minor Collision Repair

Even minor scratches and damages can ruin the flawless look of your vehicle. We will get back the initial look of your car in the shortest period. Minor collision repair by DNJ is fast and affordable with guaranteed results.

Bumper Repair

The bumper is the most commonly damaged auto body part during a collision. Don’t worry; our technicians will repair, paint and get back the glow to your bumper. Not a single scratch will be missed.

Frame Repair

The frame is likely to get damaged and crushed in a collision. The group of professionals is specialized in fixing, repairing, and strengthening frames. The proper repair will get back the pre-accident condition of your vehicle.


To keep your vehicle operating flawlessly, you need to get checked the performance of suspension components. We will help you to solve any major and minor problems.

Steering Alignment

With a steering alignment performed by DNJ auto body repair professionals, your steering wheel will always be under your control and twisted in the right direction.

Glass Replacement Related to a Collision

Collision repair customers will get a glass replacement service if the windshield or windows have been damaged in the accident.

Panel Bonding and Filling

DNJ auto body shop performs panel bonding and filling of any complexity.


Radiator repair service starts with diagnosis and repair. Our technicians provide fast checkups and repair with high-class parts.


If you care about your car, regular checkups are needed. For its collision repair customers, DNJ will provide full diagnosis and repair of starters.

Water Pumps

Water pump and radiator hoses are essential to protect the engine from overheating. We are using only top-quality parts to repair.


Overheating is one of the most serious problems that should be fixed as soon as possible. There are so many reasons that may cause engine overheating, and DNJ definitely knows how to deal with all of them.

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent removal is a perfect option to deal with small dents without damaging the paint. Original paint is preserved without a single scratch. This is a gentle way to repair your car quickly.

Expert Detailing

We offer you several expert detailing services. Moreover, we have got 50% off standard rates for details.

Paint and Finish

We are using only high-quality PPG paints. The paint is applied with professional SATA spray guns for a smooth and glossy finish. We guarantee the durability of our paints and a flawless finish.

Air Conditioning

DNJ auto body repair offers the service of recharging air conditioning. We are using Robinair, the Cool-Tech 34788 system. The system, as well as qualified professionals, provides 100% accuracy in work and further maintenance. The system first all tests leakage, then recovers and recharges.

Laser Measuring System

Auto body shops often face the challenge of accurately identifying all vehicle damage, especially with the advanced technology found in modern vehicles. To address this, we utilize laser measuring system to conduct more comprehensive analyses. This system help uncover hidden damage and assist in restoring vehicles to their original equipment (OEM) specifications.


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